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All bows are a Wee Yorkies exclusive design. The bows came about from frustration with numerous types of clips, barrettes, and bands breaking or ruining my babies hair. Just trying to keep barrettes in their hair was a challenge.  Every clip I used in the past fell out of my little Yorkies hair unless I used a rubber band or latex band. I have been designing and using this bow for three years & my babies are still wearing some of the original bows.

My bows have the French Barrette attached, with a latex type product attached inside to keep the barrette from falling out and no latex band needs to be applied to your babies hair to keep the bow in place. This product does not stick to the dogs fur but prevents it from slipping, even with the silkiest and thinnest fur.


As with all hair bows they need to be removed after 24 hours or less and brush their hair before replacing the bow to avoid knots and mats in hair. However, the removal is very easy just open the French barrette, no cutting latex bands out of the hair, no pulling of the band and breaking the hair, which does a lot of damage to their hair.


All my bows are hand-crafted, I use quality ribbons and embellishments and careful attention to detail is used when making each bow. They are made to last with strong stiffing product and treated to prevent fraying.


I design each bow as if it were made for my own babies.


The picture viewed is not the actual bow you will receive, and bows may vary slightly .

Currently available sizes are 5/8" with a 30mm French Barrette, and now I offer 40mm French Barrette for the babies that have the thicker hair. This size works well for the 2 to 7 lbs Yorkies, even puppies with very little hair. However,  for thicker fur you will probably need to use the 40mm barrette.


This not a typical Show Bow, this is designed for everyday wear without having to give a puppy cut.

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